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Image Size Really Does Matter!

10th March 2020

In the past, we have referenced the importance of spelling, grammar, and engaging content on your website to ensure that any traffic that does come to your site stays there!

Not to be forgotten are images. Images are everywhere in the world. Television wouldn’t exist without visual content – it would merely be radio. Newspapers are full of images – editors rely on them to draw us to their front pages. Art galleries, museums, sticker albums, wall hangings, images of one description or another are EVERYWHERE.

In short, images and videos are a useful tool for making your website stand out. They effectively break up pages of text, compliment your copy, and illustrate the story you are trying to tell.

But is that all there is to it? In a word, the answer is – no.

You can spend hours trawling through hundreds of still photos and siphoning through days’ worth of video footage to find the perfect content. Sadly, none of this makes a blind bit of difference if the sizing is all wrong. Put yourself in the end users shoes, or rather – eyes.

You head to a website, read the first paragraph and ‘BAM!’, you’re confronted by a distorted image that’s pixelated to death. There is always the possibility that it could be a modern interpretation of Cubism, but in most instances, that explanation won’t wash.

Statistics around images on websites

8 out of 10 people will stop engaging with a website if the images don’t display well on their device.

A staggering 94% of negative website feedback comes from a design-related issue, and image size/shape/relevance falls very much into that category.

39% of users would stop engaging with a website if the photos do not load, or take too long to load, underlining the importance of image size.

Taking Care

Each social media platform has its own image dimensions, so it is worth double-checking what these are if you intend to share your image on more than one platform. Just because it looks the bee’s knees on Facebook, for example, it doesn’t always follow that your visuals will appear the same way on Instagram.

While it seems like a lot of painstaking extra effort, it is worth it!

If you would like a website that is visually flawless and reflects all that is great about your business, please get in touch.

Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

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