Greensplash Design News A New Web Design For CANW from greensplash

A New Web Design For CANW from greensplash

17th March 2020

Child Action North West (CANW) is a registered charity that works to help strengthen individuals, families and communities so that children and young people can lead healthy and meaningful lives.

With greensplash working closely alongside many charities across the UK, CANW have commissioned us to design and build a fresh, modern and professional looking online presence that resonates with the diverse demographic of service users, volunteers, professionals, potential foster parents, and the wider community as a whole.

Whilst their current website has grown over the years, the charity now needs a fresh, new look to ensure their website is up to date, fit for purpose and connecting with their diverse audience to its full potential.

The new bespoke website will address this with a new site structure to aid navigation and to better organize the content so that it is more digestible for the user. Alongside this, the copy itself will be refreshed to ensure it is written in the correct tone for all target audiences to easily understand it.

The design of the new site will be led by CANW’s pre-existing branding, but with the use of a more gentle colour palette to add to the professional look of the new website. Captivating and inspiring imagery will be used to encourage users to get involved, be it through volunteering or donating. Social media feeds will further this to allow users to see the latest posts across platforms, encouraging them to follow CANW on social media.

The CMS WordPress will be integrated into the website and tailored to CANW, therefore making it easy for updates to be carried out moving forward.

This is an exciting new project for the greensplash team that we are delighted to be part of, and we can’t wait to share the new site with you soon.

If you want to discuss your website needs with us, please don’t hesitate to contact the team! We would be delighted to have an informal chat with you.

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