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It’s Grammar Day!

3rd March 2020

This excites us hugely, as we LOVE it when words are well written!

Engaging content is hugely important in any form of the written word, be it a website, a book, magazine or even a cereal box. It’s what draws you in, encouraging you to absorb the message and information the creator wants to share with you. Is this all there is to it? Unfortunately not.

Affectionately called ‘grammar police’, sticklers for correct spelling and grammar are actually onto something. They make up some 59% of Britons who would NOT use a company whose website and marketing material had obvious spelling or grammatical errors. This is a large portion of the online community and only goes to highlight further the importance of getting it right.

When you think about it, it makes perfect sense. No matter how exciting the subject matter, if it is laborious to read, you will not absorb its message, no matter how pure your intentions.

“Coming soon, zero gravity boots. That mean you can wark up walls! These cutting egg boots are maid by Nasser. And they are avaylabull in sizes to suit evry foot! Made by top scientists with jet pack technology these boots mean you can fight gravuty and wark up walls and ceilings and fly which means you can be the next superhero and fight bad guys and all for a low low price!”

Ok, so that is an extreme example, but if correctly written, who WOULDN’T be excited by the prospect of zero-gravity boots? Reading material of this nature, about something exciting should be fun. However, we felt our interest waning just writing that, so reading it would be an absolute chore.

Charles Duncombe, supported by both the Office for National Statistics and the Confederation of British Industry, believes that poor spelling could be costing businesses millions in lost revenue every week. He further explains that you get roughly six seconds to capture the attention of your audience on a website. Therefore, it stands to reason that if those six seconds are littered with bad grammar and spelling issues, they will go elsewhere, ultimately costing you a potential client.

Also relevant, is that depending on the location of the mistakes on your website, rather than losing your potential custom, users may even struggle to find you in the first place. SEO is hugely important, and search engines often punish poor grammar and spelling, dropping you down the rankings. This means people are likely to find someone else offering the same service as you earlier in their search.

So believe us when we say, it is vital that you have a readable website and all its related content is easy to understand. If you would like us to perform a free critique of your website, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

Please get in touch today, and we can get started!

Photo by Magda Ehlers from Pexels

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