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What are the results of a successful email campaign?

10th June 2020

There are many tools to running a successful marketing campaign, each with their own benefits. One of these is, was and likely always will be, e-mail marketing.  A marketing campaign relies on many successful components, which if you are at this stage, you will no doubt have completed a number of them.

Eye-catching titles are a must, as you want people to be excited about the subject ahead. Imagery is crucial too, as pages of text will likely mean you’ll lose the interest of your reader rather quickly. Keep it fresh, up-to-date, but most importantly of all, relevant. Conflicting images definitely send mixed messages that will lead the reader to confusion.

Engaging content is also vital. It is the classic adage of ‘quality over quantity’. A short snippet in an email which leads to a blog of 500 high quality words will deliver a higher success rate for your campaign than droning on for 10,000 words just for the sake of making your article appear longer.

Links to your website are a must. We cannot stress enough the importance of calls-to-action. The best content in the world is great, but if there is no clear way for your client to follow up and actually purchase your product or service, your time will have counted for nothing. Frequent CTA’s and links improve your odds of success exponentially.

All this is a perfect combination, but then what? You send. You wait. You look at the figures. How do you know if your campaign is successful?

Below is a table of averages for email campaigns across various industries.   Within the table you will see the following:

Open Rate:  The average percentage of people on your subscription list who will open the email

Click-Through Rate:  The average percentage of people who will click through to your website from the email

Unsubscribe Rate:  The average number of people from your subscription list who will ask to no longer receive emails from your business

Bounce Rate:  The average percentage of emails from your subscription list that won’t be received.  You can have either a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ bounce; A hard bounce is when the email is permanently undeliverable to this email address. The address is either fake, was entered incorrectly, or the user mailbox or domain is no longer active.  A soft bounce means that there is a temporary availability issue with a recipient’s mailbox or mail/domain server.  This will give you a feel for the numbers you should be aiming for in correlation with your sector.


If you have any queries about this, or anything else regarding your campaign, please don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak to one of our incredible team today!

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