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The rules of engagement

26th March 2018

Email marketing campaigns are still a great weapon to have in your marketing armour but are you getting the results you require? Is your campaign hitting the mark?

You have done all the hard work and put together the e-newsletter of all e-newsletters but have you done enough?

  • Eye-catching title – check
  • Stunning imagery – check
  • Engaging content – check
  • Links to your website – check

Then you hit the send button and sit waiting for the data to show the recipients love it as much as you, but, out of all that data, how do you know if it has been a successful campaign?

According to the website,, email engagement rates vary depending on the industry you are in so we thought you would like to see if your campaign is doing as well as it should be. should be.

Do your campaign figures add up? If not, please don’t hesitate to give Greensplash a call and discuss how we can work with you to put together a compelling and engaging email marketing campaign. Our award-winning team of marketers, designers and experienced writers will get your campaign where you need it to be.

You can call us on 01606 884123 or email us at

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