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Let your customers fall in love with your brand

26th October 2017

Dating, in one guise or another, is a way of life, and in the last few years, online dating has become astonishingly prevalent. The great majority of us have that intensely human desire to find a true and lasting love, but how do we make ourselves stand out amongst so many others to secure that initial contact with the potential love of our lives? We pose, and with our camera’s setting at its most flattering, we take selfie after selfie; we tilt our head one way and then the other, we muse about our ‘best side.’ We then decide on ‘THAT’ profile picture; the one that will make our potential date stop in his or her tracks and say “WOW!”

And just like the dating game, when running a business, we need to have that initial WOW factor that makes potential clients/customers stop and look further at what we have to offer. Our logo is our face and is the thing that encapsulates all that is vital and unique about our business! It is the first thing that a potential customer will see and if their imagination is fired by that image, they will delve deeper and assess if what we have to offer is compatible with what they want or need.

As branding experts, greensplash understands the instinctive nature and critical importance of first impressions, and how powerful and affirmative your logo can be as the face of your business, and we seek to work with you to obtain that outstanding first impression.

Let greensplash make the face of your company stand out from the crowd. Contact us now on 01606 884123 or email us at

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