Greensplash Design News Create a Black Friday buzz to boost your business

Create a Black Friday buzz to boost your business

9th November 2017

10 Fab Festive Black Friday Marketing Ideas

With Black Friday only a weeks away, we have put together our top 10 marketing ideas for you to make the most of the busiest retail weekend of the year!


Draw your customers in with your top 10 gift ideas for the festive period. Follow this up using your social media channels by then posting 10 individual posts about each product using images and links back to your website.


A few days before Black Friday arrives, email your subscribers advising them that, for example, between 10am and 4pm, a new online deal will be made available on your most popular products. On the actual day, alert your followers with scheduled posts for the deal of the hour by using social media. Again, ensure you use captivating image and links back to your website. Personalisation is the key, so if you have the time and the information, you could be product specific to what they have bought in the past.


It’s Christmas, the time for giving, so offer your valued customers some festive cheer with a gift for anyone who spends a certain amount on an order. Keep it small and keep it festive. Another alternative to this would be to offer free delivery on orders over a certain amount.


With your excellent Black Friday Marketing plan in full swing, you will already have increased traffic to your website. This is a prime opportunity to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter so offer them an incentive such as a discount code off their next purchase.


It’s always exciting to see your business gain new customers and the nurturing instinct in us is to ensure they are delighted with your service but don’t forget, the whole reason you have a business is due to the people who came before and have kept coming back. Show these people just as much love. Using your customer database, do an email campaign specifically aimed at them with an exclusive offer that is just for them as a thank you for their loyalty.


Using social media platforms, offer your followers exclusive sneaky peeks of your offers. You could use the weekend between Black Friday and Cyber Monday to give a preview of your Cyber Monday offers.


If your business is on your local high street, don’t be put off by feeling you can’t compete with online businesses during Black Friday. You can! Email your subscribers with tasters of exclusive in-store deals for black Friday. Show them the biggest savings that you are offering them just for walking through your doors! Use social media to also make these announcements. Be clear that these are purely in-store deals and just watch them flock to you.


There is always the mad rush to grab those deals on Black Friday but, as a smaller business, you may struggle to keep up with the immediate demand. Rather than having a one-day event, why not make it a weekend? Start it on Black Friday and end it at midnight on Cyber Monday. Let your customers know in advance so they know that they can have a more relaxed shopping experience with you without missing out on the great offers.


Again, this is one for those who are on the high street. Invite your loyal customers using an online/email campaign to an ‘Exclusive’ event. Use Facebook events to gain more interest and get people to interact within the event. Post pictures of the offers. Offer people attending a festive treat upon arrival such as mince pies, hot chocolate or a free gift (again, something small).


Create a fun and engaging competition using social media based around Black Friday. Make it interactive so people must respond to it. When one person engages in a post, this will then go into their friend’s news feeds. The audience your business can gain is huge.

There you have it, the greensplash guide to gifting your customers a great Christmas shopping experience! If you would like any help in implementing any of these fabulous festive ideas, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01606 884123 or email us at:

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