Cheshire Industrial Revolution

Cheshire is one of the UK’s largest and most historical industrial hubs. Broken down into four major industries, the Cheshire industrial revolution remains crucial to the country’s financial ecosystem.  In a diverse and constantly morphing landscape. Located in the heart of the North-West of the UK, Cheshire’s economy would be different.

Cheshire is an obvious mainstay in terms of its agricultural contribution.  Owing largely to the fact that the majority of Cheshire is farmland.   There are more villages than cities.   The highest agricultural contribution that Cheshire makes is milk and dairy-based.  Livestock is the largest ingredient of its farming recipe in more ways than one.

Cheshire Industrial Revolution – Farming

Earliest figures indicate that Cheshire’s farming industry goes back as far as the Early Neolithic Era’s 4000BC.  With the burnt remains of cereal being found at Oversley Farm in Styal.   It was believed to be a large timber structure. Tatton also shows evidence of early grain farming in Cheshire.  Post holes and flint artefacts have led historians to believe this was a Neolithic settlement.  It could date back as far as 3000BC.

Salt is one of Cheshire’s well-known industrial exports.  Dating back as far as the Roman occupation of England.  Examples being found in Kelsall, Eddisbury and Congleton. Salt is a reason as to why Northwich is on the industrial map of Cheshire.  The home of web design Cheshire!  with the Salt Museum being located in the town centre and a popular field trip location for schoolchildren for decades.

The Norman, Medieval and Tudor periods were continuations of this thriving county’s contribution to economic balance.  With agriculture still being a role of vital importance to this rustic farming country’s charming existence today. In fact, a large educational facility was erected in 1921.  Reeseheath College near Nantwich still being the first choice for students today.

Cheshire offers much historical importance and significance when it comes to agriculture.  Cheshire is definitely a crucial artery in the beating heart of the county of Cheshire.

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Cheshire Industrial Revolution