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Merry Christmas from greensplash

It’s certainly been a busy year here at greensplash! We’ve successfully released our expanded range of marketing services to great feedback, and the team has grown to enable this new, specialist business to be effectively delivered. We’ve also engaged with a number of amazing new clients, with some fascinating businesses that we have really enjoyed

Design Trends 2015

Website Design Trends for 2015

Well, we’re coming to the end of a long and busy year. Web design is a fast-evolving discipline, and the past twelve months have seen an abundance of change in the internet’s aesthetic landscape. The changes are going to keep coming thick and fast for the foreseeable future, so here are greensplash’s predictions for new

Christmas Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas: Create some Christmas Content

Now that you’ve been given some tips on effective Christmas marketing campaigns courtesy of our previous blog article, we thought it would be nice to go into a little more detail about one specific aspect of the whole merry marketing package. Christmas blogging is one of these things that seems like a great idea at

Christmas Marketing

Christmas Marketing: A Yuletide Guide

We’re approaching that special festive time of the year. All around the country, excitable young marketeers are bouncing up and down in anticipation of a very special visitor. That visitor is called massive financial opportunity, and a well implemented Christmas marketing campaign makes him all the more likely to come sliding down the chimney. In

dynamic content

Dynamic Content: Turn your Blog into SEO Dynamite

Until recently, the humble blog was seen as nothing more than a customer engagement tool: Useful, but certainly not necessary. However, a flurry of updates to Google’s algorithm over the past year or so has made regular updates to a website’s content absolutely vital if it is to rank well, and thus the blog has

Business Card Design

Business Card Design: Transform Scruffy into Stylish

Effective business card design is a topic that often goes unmentioned in the mix of flashier design disciplines, such as website design or logo creation. However, an effective, well-crafted business card is a vital element of any client interaction. Bear in mind, the business card is not just a record of your contact details, it

The Creative Process

Creative Thinking: Unlocking Your Design Muse

We’ve talked about the implementation of creative ideas a lot on this blog, covering everything from website design to the construction of the perfect logo. However, one thing that we haven’t really covered is where the ideas come from in the first place. It’s all well and good to have 1000 brushes installed on photoshop,

Meet Jon Ranwell

Meet Jon Ranwell

greensplash are pleased to announce the appointment of our new Business Development Manager, Jon Ranwell. A dedicated digital marketer since 2002, Jon has built an impressive and strong career founded on an in-depth knowledge of marketing and his dedication to forming positive and enduring client relationships. Jon has a broad skillset covering many disciplines. Beginning

Ecommerce Excellence

Ecommerce Excellence: Success in the Online Marketplace

Trying to succeed with an internet-only business can be an intimidating prospect, particularly when starting from scratch. The marketplace is large and tumultuous, and it’s all too easy to get lost in the shadow of larger companies with higher marketing budgets. You are also at a disadvantage to longer-established companies with fixed premises and recognisable