Emojis – putting the emotion into conversation

28th March 2019

Emojis – putting the emotion into


A recent report by brandwatch examines how we share emotions online and the impact emotional conversations have.

As Amy Barker, from Brandwatch states “Emojis are a real part of the way we communicate today. Emojis add context to conversations in a way that transcends one language.”

We all use them. Smiley faces depicting our happiness or the love heart eyes showing we have seen something we love, to using angry faces to show our displeasure.

The Statistics

After doing a breakdown of our emotions during 2018 you will be pleased to know that the majority of us a joyful bunch with nearly 29% of people sharing joyous reactions. Sadly (no pun intended) the next most popular characters were ones depicting sadness ☹ in fact, 19.6% of us felt we needed to express our sadness with an emoji in 2018!

We were also quite disgusted at times too! Actually, 18.1% of us expressed our disgust on social media.

16.1% felt fear and expressed this on social media posts – how terribly frightful!

Surprise surprise! Yep 9% of us experienced something that gave us a surprise. Hopefully, most were pleasant!

You’ll be pleased to know that the lowest scoring group was anger with only 8.4% expressing this.

Emojis are a simple way to express your feelings, but brands can learn from this with their marketing strategy. Are people happy with your products? When you post on social media, do you get any angry reactions? If so, don’t hide from them, learn from them. Ask what causes that reaction and address this. At the same time, If people are loving your products and your content, take note and use similar content again. There is nothing wrong with recycling well-received content! If it’s a winner, don’t be afraid to share again!

If you are wanting to tailor a piece to what brings people most joy, then Beer, Wine and reality TV were the most joyous topics.
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