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why your website is driving customers away

10 Ways Your Website is Driving Customers Away

So, your website has been live for a while now and on the surface all seems well. All the graphics are in place, everything is linked up correctly, but for some reason your bounce rate is through the roof. People seem to be arriving at your website and leaving in droves. What possible reason could

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing: Effective and Instantaneous

Ever hear your text-tone beep on your mobile phone, and realise that the text in question wasn’t from a friend or loved one, but rather a company you had placed an order with some months ago? Congratulations, you are the proud recipient of an SMS marketing message! While certainly not a new discipline, SMS marketing

PPC Tips

10 Amazing PPC Tips for a Successful Adwords Campaign

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the single most powerful marketing tools in any business’ arsenal. When a campaign is well-managed, it can result in a huge increase in business and fantastic return on investment. However, when an Adwords campaign is mismanaged, or set up without any knowledge of best practice, then it is likely to

dynamic content

Dynamic Content: Turn your Blog into SEO Dynamite

Until recently, the humble blog was seen as nothing more than a customer engagement tool: Useful, but certainly not necessary. However, a flurry of updates to Google’s algorithm over the past year or so has made regular updates to a website’s content absolutely vital if it is to rank well, and thus the blog has

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Merry Christmas from greensplash

It’s certainly been a busy year here at greensplash! We’ve successfully released our expanded range of marketing services to great feedback, and the team has grown to enable this new, specialist business to be effectively delivered. We’ve also engaged with a number of amazing new clients, with some fascinating businesses that we have really enjoyed

Design Trends 2015

Website Design Trends for 2015

Well, we’re coming to the end of a long and busy year. Web design is a fast-evolving discipline, and the past twelve months have seen an abundance of change in the internet’s aesthetic landscape. The changes are going to keep coming thick and fast for the foreseeable future, so here are greensplash’s predictions for new

Christmas Blog Ideas

Blog Ideas: Create some Christmas Content

Now that you’ve been given some tips on effective Christmas marketing campaigns courtesy of our previous blog article, we thought it would be nice to go into a little more detail about one specific aspect of the whole merry marketing package. Christmas blogging is one of these things that seems like a great idea at

Christmas Marketing

Christmas Marketing: A Yuletide Guide

We’re approaching that special festive time of the year. All around the country, excitable young marketeers are bouncing up and down in anticipation of a very special visitor. That visitor is called massive financial opportunity, and a well implemented Christmas marketing campaign makes him all the more likely to come sliding down the chimney. In

Business Card Design

Business Card Design: Transform Scruffy into Stylish

Effective business card design is a topic that often goes unmentioned in the mix of flashier design disciplines, such as website design or logo creation. However, an effective, well-crafted business card is a vital element of any client interaction. Bear in mind, the business card is not just a record of your contact details, it