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Logo Design: Eight Golden Rules to make your Logo Amazing

Here at greensplash, we take enormous pride in the care and detail we put into each and every logo design. We are well aware that the logo is the key element of your company’s branding, and that it needs to be completely reflective of your company’s identity and vision. We therefore consider it imperative that

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design: A Growing Necessity

Responsive web design is an element of web design that has undergone some re-evaluation recently, following the massive upsurge of mobile users utilising their handsets to browse and buy online, out of convenience or preference, rather than relying on a desktop PC or laptop. Each new generation of smart phones is further optimised to encourage

Blog | Award-winning design agency

greensplash is Growing!

As part of our ongoing efforts to consistently provide unsurpassed customer service across a wide range of web design, print and marketing solutions, we are pleased to announce that greensplash’s team has been bolstered by two new recruits. Beth and Matt both come from marketing backgrounds, but their different skill sets represent the ideal complement

Blog | Award-winning design agency

The Eight Best Easter Eggs Hiding Online

If you stumble across an Easter egg online, it won’t be the familiar egg-shaped, chocolate kind but something a little more unexpected. An online Easter egg can be any kind of hidden content – from a graphic to a game, to simply a surprising piece of text or code. They may look different to the

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The 10 Best April Fools From Around the Web

You’d be a fool to trust everything you read online any day of the year- but on April Fool’s Day, you’d be an even bigger fool. Every spring, companies across the globe begin planning their next prank, and every year they get more creative. The day itself has become the perfect marketing tool. The more

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The Evolution of Search: The Dwindling Importance of Keywords

So what does the recent history of keyword usage look like, and what direction are we heading?

Blog | Award-winning design agency

What To Look For In A Web Design Company

Are you having trouble distinguishing between different web design companies? There is a huge amount of skill involved in creating websites that grab the user’s attention, lodge in their minds and give users an experience.

Blog | Award-winning design agency

The Golden Ratio and Web Design

Web design is largely a matter of structure. Content is incredibly important, but without a coherent structure underpinning it all, a site is likely to be little more than a confusing clash of images and words.

Responsive Web Design for a Growing Market

Mobile websites

Use of mobile devices for shopping and browsing is on the increase – without a doubt, smartphones and tablet devices such as iPads signify a change in people’s shopping habits.