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Design Team v2.0 – Introducing Jon Hudson

Greensplash are very happy to welcome Jon Hudson to the fold. Jon brings to greensplash an exceptional talent for web development on the WordPress platform, and a passion for bringing a client’s business vision to life through outstanding design. With several years of experience in front-end web development, Jon is the ideal person to bring

Blog | Award-winning design agency

Work Experience: Tasha’s Story

Tasha Williams from Weaverham High School has spent the last two weeks on work experience with greensplash, getting some hands-on experience in graphic design. Under the instruction of Creative Director, Andy Dunn and Graphic Designer Stacey Hughes, Tasha has been getting to grips with industry-leading professional software tools such as InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop, which

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The Top Marketing Scams

(…and why they don’t work) There’s no avoiding it any more. We’ve been blogging about effective marketing techniques for years now, but there’s one horrible truth we haven’t yet addressed. So, time to buckle up, stand tall, and face it head on. Marketing is a dirty word. You know it, I know it… everyone knows

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MP meets GSD

Regular GSD blog readers will have noticed that we were joined by a work experience student last week. Emma proved an absolute joy to have around, and her witty and engaging blog posts quickly became the toast of the office. In fact, she was so good, we felt that she should be shared with the

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Work Experience: Day 5

My final day of work experience here at greensplash is now upon us! Although I am sad that my time here has come to an end, I have had a really exciting day, full of new experiences. I started off the day by finishing off yesterday’s blog post and doing more social media scheduling, before

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Work Experience: Day 4

I have reached my penultimate day here at greensplash now, yet the excitement and momentum is still just as high as the first day. Each day I have experienced something new, a pattern which was certainly not broken today, and I know will continue into tomorrow as well. Today did not follow quite the same

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Work Experience: Day 3

It’s hard to believe that I am already half way through my work experience placement at greensplash! My time here seems to be disappearing at an alarmingly fast rate, which I suppose is hardly surprising considering how exciting I am finding the experience and the constant stream of new skills that I am developing on

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Work Experience: Day 2

Well my second day of work experience here at greensplash has been and gone, and most certainly lived up to the precedent of day one! Feeling much more confident than yesterday as I approached the office block, I was yet again greeted by the welcoming team at greensplash.  Naturally cups of tea were brewed –

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Work Experience: Day 1

As a Business Studies AS level student I have long been keen to immerse myself in a working business environment and to put into practice the skills I have learnt during a very theory-based course.  As such, I was thrilled when greensplash kindly agreed to let me spend a week at their office, and so