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The women who inspire greensplash

7th March 2017

As today is International Women’s Day, we have asked some of the team which woman inspires them and why. Here is what they had to say:

Karen, Director

“The woman who has inspired me the most, throughout my life is my wonderful Mum. She was a truly amazing lady who adored her family (and Knickerbocker Glory’s) and taught us the right values, including the importance of treating others as we wish to be treated ourselves. Although Mum passed away in 2012, I still think of her every single day and miss her infectious laugh.”

Kate, Senior Account Executive and Project Manager

“Mine would my sister, she’s an excellent sister and mum to her kids always giving 100% to everyone, and at the same time does a really demanding and emotionally draining job as an occupational therapist caring for those that are going through a really hard time in their lives. She’s the best!!”

Ian, Creative Lead

Our very own adrenaline junky explains his choice – “Meryl Streep, in the movie: The River Wild. I’d love to take on whitewater like her!”

Sarah, Account Executive

“She goes by the names of Jan Jan, Granny Janny but my preference is Mum (or Mummy when I want something). She has a magic plaster for every situation and makes everything better. She is slightly batty, and apparently, this can be inherited but I am fortunate that this hasn’t happened to me……. Oh, hold on a minute! She also has amazing taste in knitwear.”

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