Greensplash Design News Medical affairs company considered all of the evidence and chose greensplash

Medical affairs company considered all of the evidence and chose greensplash

3rd December 2019

Portugal based medical affairs company, Medialis, is looking to improve its online presence with a brand-new website. With our extensive expertise in medical communications, greensplash were the perfect choice of partner to work with to design a fresh and elegant new website.

The design of this custom-built website will give Medialis a sleek online presence that highlights their service offerings within the pharmaceutical industry. Our Creative Lead, Ian, got to work with designing a unique website that is easy to navigate, with calls to action placed in key areas of the site to make it easy for users to contact Medialis, increasing the volume of enquiries received. The unique website will ensure that Medialis stand out from the crowd in a very competitive industry, appealing to potential new clients.

One key requirement of the new website is a content management system (CMS) that is easy to use and importantly maintains the great new look of the website after updating. The CMS WordPress will be integrated and tailored to Medialis, making it very simple and intuitive to use to update the website.

With the Medialis branding already established and well known, we will be using their brand guidelines to ensure the site is recognisable and appeals to their specific target audience of pharmaceutical companies. Given the complexity of the subject matter, the organisation of the content on the site will be key. Engaging content in various formats will be offered in a logical manner, ensuring the flow of the site connects with the user and the content is digestible for all.

With all of these specific elements addressed by the greensplash team, Medialis can look forward to a sleek new website which showcases their exceptional services and their unique approach to RWE generation within the world of medical affairs. We look forward to sharing this incredible new website with you in early 2020!

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