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An educated decision to stay with greensplash

14th March 2018

A long-standing client of greensplash, Imperial College London have come to us again to work on their latest research project that has been funded by the European Commission.

The research project brings together scientists and clinicians from across Europe to reduce the risk of Stroke in patients.

Having built websites for them in the past ( and ), we were Imperial Colleges’ come-to creative team for their latest project.

As well as the website design that will allow the content to grow as the research progresses, they also instructed our doctors of design to create branding that encapsulates what the research is about. Alongside that, print templates will be created for posters, flyers, appointment cards, PowerPoint presentations and a newsletter.

Our team are busy working away on this now, so we will be back with our own remarkable results in due course.

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