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Sharing our knowledge and expertise to create custom interactive learning that’s bespoke to you

Combining unrivalled technical expertise with an abundance of creative flair, greensplash provides engaging e-learning solutions bespoke to your enterprise. Developing and producing material that perfectly meets your needs, we provide the platform to alter the future of your end user.

Passionate about producing engaging, interactive and responsive material, we use unparalleled experience in the e-learning industry to deliver superior training solutions that enhance user learning. Working with you to understand your business processes and culture, and complementing solutions with stunning design and motivational content, greensplash takes your online training to the next level.

Whilst all solutions are tailored to the goals of your business, your end user is our primary concern from start to finish. Understanding their challenges and identifying the best approach to supercharge their learning, we create unique educational platforms that are right for them.

Providing extensive content development, superior design and structure, as well as hosting and support, we create end-to-end solutions that work seamlessly across multi devices and platforms.

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Regardless of the size of your enterprise, your objectives and budget, we work in partnership with you to develop bespoke e-learning experiences. From stand-alone web-based, responsive modules embedded in your website, to SCORM/AICC compliant modules delivered via your business LMS platform to allow you to manage courses, measure user progress and learner performance, we work with you to achieve your objectives.

Providing everything you need to deliver online training to your organisation – from content authoring and e-learning catalogues to LMS technology and more – we design solutions around you and with your user in mind.

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E-learning that works in line with your brand, our award-winning team is on-hand to provide custom-content, gamification features, animation and more, for a completely turnkey service. Working alongside you to develop and manage all aspects of your project – from planning and storyboarding to branching and development – we provide the flexibility you need to meet the demands of your brand.

Whether you want to transform an existing training presentation into an exciting and interactive e-learning module, require a tailored induction programme, or are looking for a comprehensive skills development course, we will partner with you to meet your goals.

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With extensive experience, our team uses a humanistic approach to e-learning that leads to genuine knowledge transfer, improved performance and sustainable change. We seek to engage learners with interactive and responsive experiences, and further education with clear content and a comprehensive structure.

We design training around a growth mindset and deliver quality solutions that drive results for you, your users and your organisation. E-learning solutions by greensplash:

  • Solutions for mobile devices, desktops and leading LMS
  • Learning management system support
  • Custom content development
  • Structure and design
  • Gamification and simulation
  • Authoring tools
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