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E-Learning solutions by Greensplash Design

Create a customised interactive learning experience that’s bespoke to you.

Whilst all solutions are tailored to the goals of your business, your end user is our primary concern from start to finish. Understanding their challenges and identifying the best approach to optimise their learning, we create unique educational programmes that deliver the knowledge and insights they need.

Custom-solutions tailored to your brand

We design E-learning solutions that work in line with your brand. Our experienced team is on-hand to provide custom-content, gamification features, animation and more, for an intuitive and engaging education resource.

We work alongside you to develop and manage all aspects of your project – from planning and storyboarding to branching and development – we provide the flexibility you need to meet the demands of your brand.

E-learning web solutions, Greensplash Design

Our approach to e-learning

Our team uses a humanistic approach to E-learning that leads to genuine knowledge transfer, improved performance and sustainable behaviour change. We seek to engage learners with interactive and responsive experiences, and further their learning with clear content and a comprehensive structure.

We design training around a growth mindset and deliver quality solutions that drive results for you, your users and your organisation.

E-learning solutions with Greensplash Design in Cheshire and Cornwall

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