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Building Bridges – How do you bring award winning design and SEO together?

29th January 2020

A beautifully designed website is an absolute must no matter what your business. But, what good is this modern masterpiece if it’s on page 8652 of Google search results? Absolutely zero! There is a significantly high chance that whoever has been looking for the services that you offer will have found what they were looking for long before they…

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7 Web Design Do’s and Dont’s – Do you do the do’s?

22nd January 2020

When it comes to web design, there are a few golden rules to ensure your site and its content stays engaging and fresh. So many of these are the simplest of tweaks, but can make or break whether you captivate your audience…or not. It may sound simple after reading, but remember – it’s only simple…

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Cheshire Quality Launches New Website Designed By Cheshire’s Finest!

17th January 2020

Picture your local high street. We are willing to bet that it is made up of the same large names as most others, many of these usually multi-million pound chains, department stores or international franchises. While this is good for the economy, what happens to the small businesses and independent traders? They often, and unfortunately,…

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I have a dream…of the best website imaginable!

15th January 2020

Martin Luther King once famously proclaimed that he had a dream, a speech that went on to change the landscape of the world forever. Inspired by this, and the fact that this week saw ‘Make Your Dreams Come True Day’, we decided to touch on YOUR dream of having the best website possible, and why…

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Inspiring Brighter Communities with a Bright New Website

8th January 2020

The greensplash team were delighted to be contacted by Cheshire West and Chester Council to design a new website for Age-friendly Cheshire West, with the borough recently becoming part of the World Health Organization’s Global Network of Age-friendly Cities and Communities. Age-friendly cities and communities are places where people of all ages are treated with…

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What are the 2020 trends in web design?

6th January 2020

As we all know, web design is an ever evolving industry, with new tools and cutting edge visuals being updated all the time. Here we look at 6 of the most popular web design trends predicted for 2020.

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