Greensplash Web Design North Wales is based by the busy Hartford train station where we regularly see steam trains passing through.

North Wales is also home to many steam railway lines.  These are a fantastic tourist attraction in the area.

If you climb to the top of Snowdon but don’t fancy navigating the route down, there is a train!  Even better, if you don’t fancy the climb to the top, you can catch the train up too!  The Snowdon Mountain Railway is on the Llanberis path.

Trains depart from Llanberis station and begin their climb 1085m to the summit of Yr Wyddfa, a journey experienced by some 12 million travellers since 1896. These ancient Snowdonian mountains, thrust upwards by volcanic forces 450 million years ago, once grew to heights of 10,000 metres. Over eons the wind and rain and successive ice ages have sculpted them to their current form; with Snowdon being the highest summit in England and Wales.




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