Dressing a brand for success, greensplash launches urban clothing supplier into an en-trend online space. “F**k I’m good, just ask me”

Visual Identity

As a full-service agency, greensplash is vibrant, progressive and fun, so when the team was approached by urban clothing supplier Figjam, the team was delighted to roll up its sleeves and step into fashion.

Originally on the look-out for a logo that would get its brand out on the streets and splashed across the web, Figjam quickly realised that whilst a logo would give them a visual identity, a brand would give them a name.

Figjam hoped for an “en trend” brand that would work across all marketing collateral and online platforms, and carve them a name on the youth-street clothing scene. A brand that would look great across social media platforms and in person.

A logo and brand that would set trends and transcend expectations; a visual identity that could grow with the company and set the pace on the international fashion scene.

The designers at greensplash formed the logo concept around the street slang meaning for “Figjam”, playing around with the idea of using punctuation to censor profanities. Having experimented with various symbols, a stylised asterisk was chosen to work alongside the Figjam logo text and to play down the vulgarity.

This logo and branding would go on to work effectively on a diverse range of clothing styles and accessories, whilst still evoking the core brand image.

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Still in its infancy, private limed company Figjam is a UK based business from Northern England that supplies a range of trendy, urban streetwear for the young-adult market.

Its name, an acronym with a swear word followed by “I’m good, just ask me”, refers to an album by Australian band, Butterfingers.

It was clear that for its brand identity to be spot on, it must appeal to a youthful market of street trendsetters and as such, the logo must be adaptable across all product lines. This posed a technical challenge for greensplash – the brand and logo would need to viable on a variety of clothing types and styles, and each variation would need to be aesthetically consistent with the overall branding message.

With a range of hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts and accessories such as branded bags, Figjam appeals to a market of late teens to early 20 fashionistas. With a bold statement logo, these items of clothing are expressive and brazen to those “in the know”.

A brand to watch in the coming years, Figjam aspires to take its name nationally and further afield with a varied product range for both males and females. Watch this space for details.



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