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the project

TM Duche are a long-standing greensplash client, having contracted us to build their original website back in 2010. They came to us again a few years later in 2014 for a design refresh and to ensure their site kept up with the responsive revolution.

However, a few years of continued company growth and more advancements in the world of web design, TM Duche enlisted our expertise once again to give their website a more modern feel.

the challenge

The TM Duche website stands as a testament to how a website can be upgraded without losing the elements that originally made it great. The TM Duche brand has always had a great sense of humour, with funny visuals and an actual jokes section included in their websites.

To our knowledge, TM Duche remains the only coconut oil trader in the world to implement the latter. We were careful to retain these elements of personality when redesigning the site. Using a strong colour palette and bold imagery, we were sure to keep the site just as charming as ever.