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the project

Our long standing client Ichron Ltd required an interactive and dynamic map to showcase their dataset reports around the globe to potential high profile clients.

We got to work straight away and sat down with the client to discuss their options and any solutions that we needed to create for them. To visualise data of this type, we needed to choose a mapping software partner that allowed us to have full control over the visualisations we choose to place on a world map.

We decided upon a service named Mapbox, which provides Mapping solutions to big names within the web industry (Pinterest, National Geographic, Foursquare).


the challenge

Ichron Ltd had gathered a wealth of data in various different formats, none of which were translatable to the web. We set out a plan to convert this data into modern JSON, useable when plotting visualisation data on a map. With that in our hands, we built a custom User Interface on top of the Map to control each subject area when a user navigates each section.

Available on Tablet, Mobile and Desktop the User Interface makes use of modern technology AJAX to load in dynamic content when requested, saving on slow loading times. It then subsequently caches this to give the user a fluid experience should they dart back and forth through content.

All in all, we demonstrated that whatever solution a client needs, we can deliver a solution.