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the project

Figjam are a supplier of trendy urban clothing. Originally they approached greensplash requiring a new logo, but throughout our discussions the project evolved into a complete exercise in branding across multiple product lines.

The key to Figjam’s brand identity was to emphasise its youth-orientated street image. At a technical level, we had to ensure that the logos and brand options selected worked on a variety of clothing options.


the challenge

As there would be alterations to the logos depending on the item of clothing, we had to ensure that each variation was still aesthetically consistent with the overall brand message.

We formed the concept of the logo around the street slang meaning for Figjam, specifically playing around the idea of using punctuation to censor vulgarisms. Having played upon various symbols, it was decided that a stylised asterisk would work well alongside the Figjam logo text. Additionally, this was a device that could be amended effectively for each item of clothing, whilst still evoking the core brand image.